Our consultancy agency have helped dozens of small businesses in Brighton and across the UK fully fledge their companies into the online market, and their sales, both locally and nationally, have grown with them. It’s a common misnomer to believe that as long as you have some kind of website or web space that that’s enough to gain the benefit of the internet to your business, but if you’re ranking high for whatever services you provide, that’s your reputation at stake.

With Google being such an important part of people’s everyday lives, being on top of your SEO means being able to show that you’re the top result on google gives potential customers a feeling of comfort and familiarity which was near impossible before the internet era.
No matter what kind of business or agency you own, or how well your business is doing, in the 21st century it is crucial to have an online prescence. Nowadays, people are using Google more and more to guide their everyday decisions, deciding to look up maps and reviews online as opposed to walking into a venue and seeing it firsthand. Although it may seem like having a decently located shopfront is enough, times are changing and the current demographic of customers are no longer window shopping like they used to.

Unlike some other SEO Agencies, we focus entirely on “Organic”, or “Natural” SEO, which is the tried, proven and timeless method for both bringing your site up in Googles ranking and later keeping it there. Unlike other forms of SEO or, “Black hat”, as they’re known colloqiually, Organic SEO aims to emulate the way a site would grow in the rankings gradually over the course of many years of passion and good business, but it takes some steps to speed the process up significantly. This means that instead of taking shortcuts, we’re always staying up to date on the latest Google settings and database configurations, so we can tailor your sites growth to the current online climate.

Although we use it every day, the complex algorithms and processes of the internet and, most especially, Google are kept a mystery to everyone except their own head officials. They are constantly upgrading and reorganizing their databases in order to get the most popular and relevant results to queries on their search engine millions of times a day. Without insider knowledge and a well informed, educated SEO consultancy, it’s next to impossible to “crack the system” or deliberately move your brand up through the rankings, and most importantly, keep it there.

If you’ve recently bridged the gap between your business and the internet market, but are wondering why you’re not seeing the results you expect straight away, it’s likely that your SEO has not been catered to properly. Our top SEO consultants are always here to help you through the journey of climbing the Google rankings, and for keeping you there for good once the journey is over. If you’d like to get in touch with our agency, or speak to one of our top SEO consultants.

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