Content Creation Strategy

Writing content for your site is easy. Writing good quality, engaging, informational and grammatically correct content that leads to enquiries and sales is a lot harder. You might be tempted to leave your content alone and never change it, but Google sees this as lazy and less pro active in terms of user experience for visitors. You don’t have to update it daily, but slowly adding to your site is definitely beneficial, but as mentioned, not that easy and littered with many punishable pitfalls.

You may also be tempted to just take (steal) your content from other places on the net, but again Google will see and know this and not regard it as high quality. If you do it enough and also duplicate it unnecessarily within your site this also deemed as spammy and punishable for your rankings.

If your site has no content at all on its pages, then it will be a lot harder to rank as your relevancy will be massively restricted and you will be relying on popularity (links) and age (trust) if you have it them.

Working With Professionals On A Strategy

It’s our job as an SEO agency to know when and where to that this is important. As mentioned earlier, it has to be planned and structured into the campaign targets which is what a professional agency will do. We will work with you on the creation, either solely using our own writers and optimising content you provide, or creating it ourselves with your co-operation. We will optimise it, and know when and where it will help. Your professional SEO consultant will come up with a strategy and use your campaign money according so we can maximise on the results of offsite work. If you are lucky, you will be one of the few site owners who doesn’t need content, and by being honest and upfront about this you can trust that we will use your budget elsewhere in your campaign.