Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate Optimisation

What exactly is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) that we hear so much about?

Simply put, its the percentage of visitors or traffic to your site that end up generating you money. For nearly all online businesses it’s actually a lot lower than you might imagine. Its averagely accepted that about 2% to 3% is about average so you can see how important it is to monitor it and take action if it drops. There are many many tips and strategies for increasing this, but first lets look at why.

The top 25% of sites have conversion rates of over 10%, and you can do the maths based on what roughly trebling your online turnover would do for your business. Now it’s obvious that for most small to medium businesses that this will almost certainly be unachievable to get into that category, but it can however be increased. Also, for example, doubling your conversion rate can be achieved without necessarily doubling your traffic. Increasing your traffic by that much if you are already ranking quite strongly will be very difficult as you will need to overtake your competitors that have a lot more relevancy and popularity than you, but also it will take time, not to mention money.

But without increasing your traffic, you can certainly maximise the hits you are getting and converting more of those into clients can be a lot more achievable by utilising some very simple methods.